Brigita Roube

Intuitive Wellness Practitioner
Body Ambassador | Ontario

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing through movement, music, food and energy medicine.  

Healing Through Movement

Southampton Eco -Living Vitality Centre



Fusing energy, movement and live food medicines, Brigita offers insightful depth into your current state of health from a holistic perspective. Drawing on her rich and diverse education, being certified in raw and live food cheffing, a Reiki master, Reconnective healing, Nia, Yoga, myofascial release techniques, and psychosomatic therapy, she taps into what your body needs to come into alignment with your source of vitality in the physical, mental, emotional and spirit realms. And in her spare time she hangs out with mermaids and other wise women. 

Saint Lucia

Retreats with Brigita

Join me for an unforgettable experience as we reconnect, rejuvenate and reset.

Southampton, Ontario.