My Story...

Brigita Rafaela Roube…was born in Latvia in 1961 and came to Canada when she was 28.  Brigita was fortunate to have a diversified upbringing between the capital of Latvia, Riga (the city that is over 800 years old) and her grandparents farm. She was blessed to learn the wisdom of the ancestors from her grandparents with hands-on experience, taking care of the farm animals, gathering wild berries, mushrooms and herbs, attending to the fields and gardens, from preparing the earth for seeding, to harvest, preserving and processing the amazing goodies that Mother Earth and animals provided.  This knowledge and wisdom of ancestors is the Magic that Brigita is able to share with others today.

Brigita considers herself to be the Ambassador for the BODY! Supporting the Body with Movement medicine, Energy medicine and allowing our Food to be our medicine, is taking responsibility of our well being. Her Mission statement: “I dance with my thoughts, emotions, sensations on this Life journey. I choose my Dance partners wisely, I create a healing environment around me, I choose the community that empowers me! It is the dance of Balance and constant change, that brings the best out of me! As I walk my talk to the best of my ability, I inspire others to do the same! I listen to my Body (my oldest friend and teacher), and I learn from the infinite wisdom, that IT possesses?”                                                                   

Brigita completed different courses and programs during the years:

Sheridan Yoga Teacher Certification in 2003

Advanced Yoga Studies Certification with Donna Farhi in 2003

Reconnective Healing Level I, II and III in 2005

USUI SHIKI RYOHO 1st degree Reiki in 2005

Crystalline III Degree Master Reiki Practitioner in 2006

PureMotion - Body Mind Movement Education Certificate 2007

Master of Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analyses and Psychosomatic Therapy in 2008

Nia Technique (Healing through movement) Brown Belt 2008

Myofascial Release (it’s all about the Connections) Certificate in 2010

Level II Advanced Raw Chef Certification at Creative Health Institute in 2011

Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food Certification Program in 2011