The Newly Awake Man

There is a Newly Awake Man emerging in the collective and he is not fast asleep at the steering wheel. This awakening man is fully conscious and heart fully defined. Through his eyes, being conscious is not a cerebral construct, nor an intellectual activity devoid of feeling. It is a felt experience, an ever-expanding vision of awareness that moves from the heart outward.

The sacred masculine is a force of nature and as a part of nature, has a reverence for the beauty of the natural world and all the creatures in it. Awareness of all around him and is present-minded.

His power is purposeful yet not harmful, and wields a double edged sword of strength and compassion in equal measure - to strip away his own ego so the light can stream in - while also protecting those he loves.

He does not hide from what his heart speaks; he listens with open ear embracing his intuition, knowing that as warrior his instincts are sharp. He has heard the deeper calling. He is conscious of his feelings and speaks the language of love. He is compassionate, authentically cares about life and living beings, and has the highest respect and adoration for the divine feminine.

He does not run from conflict, knowing that resolution and harmony are the traits of Kings. He will not wall off his heart from the Divine Feminine, feeling that within the flow of her love is eternity. At the same time, he is aware of what is happening within his own soul. He embraces being vulnerable, listens to the still-small -voice within, and is not afraid to surrender to truth. He learns from the feelings that each life-lesson teaches him, admits when he is wrong, and is always accountable for his actions.

His love is a sacred space for himself to grow alone and with a companion a place of trust, respect and soul connection . He would never lessen another to make himself more. He is a man that acknowledges his desires, his dreams and his deep emotions. And whilst he is confident and can be assertive, he is also a promoter of peace, an agent of humility, and a model of grace and forgiveness. He is a champion of those who do not have a voice, a strength to those who need encouragement, and a light to the ones who have lost their way. He is a man of his word. He lives from the inside out. He is the new breed of man walking this earth today. An awakened man is a warrior of the heart. He needs no lineage to be crowned King. His heart is of noble proportion! ~Todd Treharne ©2013 Todd Treharne - Unlimited Possibility, All Rights Reserved

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